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Event: Mid Coast Sail on Harvey Gamage, Portland to Boothbay edit

June 24, 2019 at 9:30am

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Mid Coast sail on Harvey Gamage from Portland to Boothbay Harbor. 5-day sail departing June 24th at 9:30am from Portland, arriving Boothbay Harbor at 1:00pm on June 28th.

$1,250 for individuals. Financial aid available.
For boys and girls ages 13-18.

Arrive and board at 100 West Commercial Street, Portland, no later than 9:00am.
Disembark at Carousel Marina, 125 Atlantic Avenue, Boothbay Harbor.

We look forward to experiencing Maine's mid-coast on Schooner Harvey Gamage.

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About This Event

Sail aboard Schooner Harvey Gamage on a 5-day excursion up Mid-Coast from Portland to Boothbay Harbor.

$1,250 per person.

Call Sydney Hebert at 855-212-0125